Shrub Care

Most shrubs are planted in communities to provide beauty, screening and shade.  These are excellent reasons for their use.  Providing proper care for your shrubs is an investment that can lead to substantial returns to the value of your property.  Our staff is very knowledgeable about plant needs, and are trained and equipped to provide this proper care.

We offer the following services for commercial / residential clients:

  • Customized plant health care applications:
    • Preventive and corrective control programs.
    • Dormant oil application
    • Root zone fertilization
    • Foliage sprays (fertilization, insecticide, fungicide)
    • Micro systemic trunk injection (fertilization, insecticide, fungicide)
  • Pruning services:

    – To help maintain, or improve the health, appearance and safety of your shrub

    • Dormant and growing season pruning practices
    • Selective removal of specific branching for the benefit of the entire plant. 
    • Pinching, thinning, rejuvenation pruning, and shearing.
  • Removal services:

    • Complete removal of unwanted shrubs.
    • Mechanical stump grinding.